Beyond Conflict Into Possibilities

We tend to feel like we are at the effect of things - whether it’s family, job, neighbors, government, even the weather. That it’s all
beyond our control and we can have no effect.

What if that’s not true?  

What if there is a different way to go about life that dismantles the conflict we feel with ourselves, with other people, and with our environment? That gives you choice.  The choice to be present with and aware of what actually is, and then to see the different possibilities and what action you can take to create something different.

Beyond Conflict is a way of being in the world, using the tools of Access Consciousness, to allow you to shift and change any situation in your life. 

On this page you’ll find podcasts and a few tools to get you started.

And you can check out the rest of this website for even more possibilities.

How to deal with mean people

  • How to deal with people: approach situations and people without a point of view or a judgement
  • There is no right or wrong, there is only what is, and what can we do with it
  • What is mean? Is mean a judgement?
  • As soon as you’re in reaction you’re at the effect of everything
  • What is going to create the best for everyone?

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Rules & Policies of Possibilities

  • Know the differences between the rules, policies and laws that create greater for all versus the rules and policies that control but don’t really work
  • Be aware and know your audience; use awareness as your guideline
  • Understand that some things work for some people and not others, choose what works for you
  • Have rules that don’t just try to fix a  problem but rather ask questions about what is going to create a greater possibility for everyone

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